Game that helps you explore your environment through play.

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Don't get stucked inside your phone when in a public space, use the app to get to know your environment and people around you! The BEEN THERE TOGETHER app is free and easy to download on your favourite Android and iOS devices.

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Researchers say that we spend approximately 4 hours a day on our phone. That the overuse of the smartphones and specifically social media is directly linked to social anxiety and depression. That our generation has a problem because we don't have a chance to learn and practise soft skills because all our communication is done through emojis on our phones.

That's why we have decided to create a mobile game called BEEN THERE TOGETHER.

BEEN THERE TOGETHER its pervasive card game and mobile app. Through questions and challenges invites us to be more playful in a public space. It helps us to perceive our environment and be more sensitive to the needs of others.

It inspires us to leave our virtual bubble, trains our social courage. Through creating a relationship with the people around us it encourages us to feel more comfortable in our environments. It helps us to not be afraid to express solidarity, empathy and personal engagement.

Unique features

Wide application: flexibility in different contexts.

The more specific is the content, the more intense we play - therefore we continually create new cards and different language versions. This way, the game is adaptable to countless occasions. From conferences, networking events through festivals and site-specific versions, to hospitals and schools. From funny activity to a tool that allows us to better understand and work with several social problems. Have a look where BEEN THERE TOGETHER has been used.

Providing opportunities to go “outside of the bubble”.

We have a habit of reaching for the phone in public space, when we try to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Mobile phones instantly bring us back to our virtual bubbles - social networks full of familiar things that we like. The game encourages people to discover public spaces - where they can meet all kinds of people, including those outside of our social bubbles.

Developing social courage

​BEEN THERE TOGETHER invites the players to find the courage, get engaged and interested in the space and people around us. Simple and entertaining tasks train the player’s social courage, solidarity, empathy or personal engagement, resulting in higher feeling of confidence and comfort in public realm.

Creating relationships

The game helps build awareness of people that need our help; explore how our environment influences us; think about how our communities work - whether they are homogeneous or open to different people; examine whether "our" public spaces are really built for "us" all. Playing becomes relating to the place and to the people with whom we are sharing it. ​

BEEN THERE TOGETHER inspire us to leave the virtual bubble.

It catches our attention in the mobile phone app to redirect us from the virtual space back to the real world.


You can play at the airport, on the bus stop, at a bar or at your first day at work. Anywhere surrounded by strangers where you feel like getting to know the place and people around you.


BEEN THERE TOGETHER is a single-player game, but it's intended to involve other people into your game. By questions and tasks you are challenged to have a conversation with strangers, find new friends or collaborate with people you see for the first time.


When you are bored or just searching for an alternative way of spending time. This game gives your time a purpose.


A version for children in hospitals helps children and educators to communicate and make friends in 17 departments at a hospital in Kramáre, Bratislava.
A version for high schools helps students develop their critical thinking, social skills and brings the discussion into schools.
The workshop focused on the interesting environment of the Main Train Station in Bratislava.
City versions developed for Bratislava, Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia), Ostrava (Czech Republic) and Praga in Warsaw (Poland).
More than 1,500 people have experienced the game at various conferences, events and festivals.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a custom made version for you.